The Future World Project is a self funded independent project developed by Will Rose and Kajsa Sjölander. As the Future World Project they visited Russia, China, Indonesia and India in 2009 and 2010 collecting stories to develop a long term project on climate change and resources. Included in this first phase body of work are impacts, causes, solutions and resource management told from a human perspective. The project aims to show the impacts of climate change happening now, with the objective to communicate clearly what these changes are, and the consequences of a carbon dependent society on the world.

The Future World Project used a GPS ‘Spot’ tracker to collect geo-location data for all media assets to create this website. The team hope people will use this project as a resource for revisiting these issues and continuing to work monitoring changes and bringing the stories to a larger audience. Accurate information collection and maintenance allows stories to develop over years which is essential for this particular subject matter. GPS map data also creates a platform for future reference work. The coordinates are 90 percent accurate to within 10 metres of where the picture was taken.

With support from ViaVia solutions the Future World Project team have developed an image tagging system to try and show how most of these issues are connected. Once inside the site, every image displays its related tag stories underneath, meaning you can browse freely - moving from a story in Russia to a story in Indonesia in a few clicks.

According to the UN climate panel, it would be a catastrophe if climate change continues. Socially and economically countries are beginning to be noticeably affected. Agriculture and infrastructure are under increasing pressure as resources dwindle, stable grounds collapse and extreme weather changes the landscape humans depend on.

The consequences of increased greenhouse gas emissions are causing migrations from impacted land. A continued rise in emissions could have enormous socio-economic impacts as millions of people begin to move in search of basic resources for survival. The level of action required globally is like nothing human society has ever experienced. An estimated 80 percent cut in global emissions is needed by 2050 to avoid passing tipping points and the worst impacts of climate change. But as the project shows, we are dangerously close to these points and despite lessons from history we are already moving into new climatic territory and a future world.


Special thanks

Särskilt tack, Спасибо Большое, 特別感謝, Terima kasih khusus, विशेष धन्यवाद

Personal thank you to Charlie Evatt for friendship, over two years of daily support, patience and making it possible to complete this project.

  • Our families in Sweden and England
  • Daphne Christelis for constant support and reassurance, Greenpeace UK
  • Liu ‘Richard’ Zexing, our amazing interpreter and friend, China
  • Dr Zhang, director at Wuwei Water bureau, Gansu, China
  • Natalia Kuzmina, journalist in Neryungri, Russia
  • Valentina Dmitrieva in Yakutsk, Russia
  • Mishael and Maria Moshkin in Severobaikalsk, Russia
  • Eugeny Usov, Vadim Kantor and the rest of Greenpeace Russia
  • Kirill Seretetto our guide in Yamal, Russia
  • Valja and Yasha Yaptik and the Nenets tribes in Yamal Peninsula, Russia
  • John Novis, Greenpeace International Picture Desk, Netherlands
  • Professor Amalesh Choudury, Sagar Marine Society, India
  • Sangita Mitra from WWF Kolkata, India
  • The Sagar Minority Welfare Society, India
  • SK Abaidullah Mahammad, our amazing interpreter and friend, India
  • Bardev Singh, our guide in Gangotri, India
  • Greenpeace South East Asia for support in Sumatra, Indonesia
  • Yohanes Budoyo, Thousand Islands/Jakarta, Indonesia

... and all the other people who helped us, carried bags, fixed punctures, booked tickets, trekked mountains, battled mosquitoes, gave hospitality, happiness and travelled with us.


Telephone: 0044203 137 2213

Email: contact@futureworldproject.org


Kajsa Sjölander

Photographer and journalist, Sweden

Will Rose

Photographer and journalist, England

Charlie Evatt, VIAVIA Solutions Ltd.

Overall site design

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