139,390,205 (July 2010 est.)
Total: 17,098,242 sq km
Land: 16,377,742 sq km
Water: 720,500 sq km

In the summer of 2009 the Future World Project accompanied two Greenpeace expeditions to east and north Russia where [tag permafrost permafrost thaw is affecting people, changing the landscape and damaging infrastructure. Travelling by train on Russia's expansive rail network for most of the journey, the team travelled 20,000 kilometres in 3 months. Visiting mining cities in the far east and the world's deepest lake, lake Baikal in the south, holding 20 percent of the Earth's surface freshwater. Returning west to Moscow braving days with vodka bottle toting soldiers on the Siberian Express and finally north to the last remaining nomadic herders of the Yamal Peninsula .

In the city Yakutsk in north-east Siberia the average temperature of the permanently frozen ground has risen by 2.7 degrees Celsius during the past 30 years. However, not only are the more southern parts of Siberia thawing, high latitude permafrost is melting beyond the Arctic circle .

Experts are calling the world's permafrost regions a ticking bomb. During the last 20 to 30 years permafrost temperatures have increased in Alaska, north-western Canada and northern Europe. In these regions warming is occurring twice as fast than anywhere else on earth. With approximately 1,000 billion tones of carbon in the form of methane gas and organic residues locked in these frozen grounds for thousands of years, scientists now debate the impact of this climate changing bomb being let off. If these estimates are true and vast quantities of solar heat trapping gases are released, not only Russia's infrastructure and communities will be affected as tipping points are triggered, catastrophic and runaway climate change will affect all life on the planet.

Sleighs storing winter clothing and warmer housing for the Nenets are scattered on the expansive landscape of the Yamal peninsula. The nomadic tribes leave their belongings in places they will come back to without fear of crime or theft.

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