The People

The People is a series of portraits collected from the first part of the Future World Project's journey. Originally titled 'under the same sun', the portraits are all of people affected by climate change. With the aim of creating a human perspective story thread, the portraits range from the Nenets tribes of the Yamal Peninsula to communities living in the Ganges delta. As witnesses to a changing climate, their voices must be elevated and their warnings heeded.
Sergey comes from a small Nenets family living in two [photolink 860 chums] in the Yamal Peninsula, SIberia. The Nenets have retained their traditional culture and simple way of life for over a thousand years. Surviving Stalinist Russia and the interests of the gas drilling company Gazprom. They now face a new threat, Climate Change. Their landscape is dramatically changing as the permafrost thaws, effecting food sources and migration routes. Lakes they have depended on for fish have lost all water as the ground collapses underneath. The Nenets do not believe their traditional culture will survive the next forty years. Whether they can retain their nomadic traditions will be determined by continued exploitation of resources and climate change.Scientists warn that millions of tonnes of Ch4 (methane) locked in the thawing permafrost is a ticking time bomb, a major tipping point in the world's climate system. If released into the atmosphere, the fate of the Nenets could be mirrored onto the rest of the world.

Sergey Vanuyto, Yamal Peninsula, RussiaYasha Yaptik, Yamal Peninsula, RussiaValya Yaptik, Yamal Peninsula, RussiaIgor Serotetto, Yamal Peninsula, RussiaDaniar Seminova, Iengra, RussiaMr Chenang, Desertified Minqin, ChinaShymali Das, Sundarbans, IndiaSibshankar Mal, Sunderbans, IndiaArdjon Vanuyto, Yamal Peninsula, RussiaSamiah, Thousand islands, IndonesiaRima, Thousand Islands, IndonesiaInu, Thousand Islands, IndonesiaGurupada Das, Sundarbans, IndiaSarswati Das, Sundarbans, IndiaMinu Sau, Sundarbans, IndiaXue Wang, China, Desertified MinqinBinu Das, Sundarbans, IndiaKanak Das, Sundarbans, IndiaNasta Vanuyto, Yamal Peninsula, RussiaNasta and Sergey Vanuyto, Yamal Peninsula, RussiaGansu Farmer, China, Desertified MinqinSveta Vanuyto, Yamal Peninsula, Russia