Overview is an in brief collection of pictures representing the first phase of the Future World Project.

From the thawing Arctic permafrost of Siberia to low lying islands affected by sea level rise on the equator, we spent a year travelling through Russia, China, Indonesia and India. Journeying through impacts, causes, solutions and resource management told from a human perspective, the project aims to show the impacts of climate change happening now.

We have used a tagging system to create this website, categorising images from stories into collections of environmental change. By this we wish to indicate the common strands and poignant narratives of humanity's struggle with extreme climate change.

No one knows how long the Nenets nomadic way of life will survive. The warmer climate is affecting both the landscape and the pasture for the reindeer they wholly depend on. They themselves are now estimating it will be 40 years maximum. This girl and some friends visited our base camp and were equally fascinated by us as we were of them.

Nenets girlOn the moveRainbows over the taigaCollapsed landscapeDuskIgor Serotetto, Yamal Peninsula, RussiaMoving desertDead forestUnique forestPerformance monkeyDrought in the deltaStormInside a thermokarst lake60 YearsSandstorm over BeijingOut of the dustGansuEndangered intellectualBleaching habitatHeavy workThe whole familyPilgrim routeLove and Peace marchShivlingLife withoutSkin disease